Whose Voice?

Who will decide what ‘stories’ to tell and what objects should be preserved inChina’s HALLS OF HISTORY?  Will the rich speak or the poor?  The majority or minority?  The powerful or weak?  The idealists or realists?  Those on the coast or those inland?  The conservatives or liberals.  Ordinary people or the country’s elite?  The historians or the politicians?


      At different times in the history of every country, different segments of society have a stronger voice than others.  Our Development Group deems it important to develop a modus operandi that gives voice to as many segments of society as feasible.

       These questions about ‘Whose Voice’ are at the very heart of the project.  Addressing the issue of Whose Voice is the Avenue of History’s greatest challenge and, as viewed by some, its greatest promise.  The many diverse voices in a country will have to work together to forge an implementation strategy that will permit each generation in its particular HALL OF HISTORY to speak with as fair and balanced a voice as possible.  This will be its lasting legacy to the future, to the country itself, and to the world.

       It should be understood, however, that what will be presented in all the HALLS OF HISTORY, by the nature of this project and by human nature, will, to varying degrees, be incomplete and biased accounts whose messages will very much be dictated by the value systems operable in each quarter century.  In this respect, the HALLS OF HISTORY will be a collection of time-anchored views of contemporary events.


      Of paramount importance in understanding the special nature of this project is that no generation’s presentation will go forever unchallenged.  There will always be an invitation to subsequent generations to present another point of view in the ROOM FOR LOOKING BACK provided in all the HALLS OF HISTORY.  This feature is what makes the AVENUE OF HISTORY unique and significant.  It will be interesting to see what the generation now living in that particular will choose to include in its HALLS OF HISTORY.


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